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Proper storage of racing fuel is key to getting the proper performance out of your racing fuel

  • Keep drums sealed and in a dry area with as little climate change as possible.

  • Avoid exposing fuel to direct sunlight and bright lighting – UV light can degrade a fuels chemical structure.

  • Use dark colored fuel jugs vs. the clear or white jugs

  • Always use a funnel with a filter or a paint strainer to filter your fuel. Even with the best handling and containers, there will still be dust/dirt that will settle in the fuel.

  • Avoid plastic drums when buying or storing fuels. Plastic drums can build up a static charge and are hard to properly ground, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. When moving or pumping from steel drums, ground the drum first before pumping from it. Steel drums can be grounded by using a alligator clip attached to a wire connected to a known ground, or rod into the ground. Before pumping fuel from the drum, touch the drum to reduce any static potential.


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