Here at your Renegade, we decided not to pay contingency at just major or large events. You wonder why? At a major event, the odds only favor a very few. What about the majority of winners that race everywhere? That’s where Renegade comes in, we are the first major racing company to create an opportunity for all racers at any given race. That’s right baby! New- With Renegade, you can take part in our multi $$$$ thousands of dollars in potential contingency monies through the Renegade Fast Bucks Reward Program. This rewards you no matter whether you race at a national/major event or if you race at your every weekend local competitive track. We also reward our Renegade Racers for a local track championship, series championship or a national event championship if you win. Yes, for using any of our products, you get rewarded with Renegade Fast Bucks! If you are a Renegade Racer, please click to get registered. #everyracercounts