Lubricants & Additives

Premium Racing Oils

Renegade Racing Lubricants are specifically designed to lubricate competition engines that alcohol or high octane fuels.  Renegade Racing Lubricants Pro Series® SAE Oils are formulated with ZDDP additive, a tough detergent-dispersant package and naturally high viscosity index base oils.  Its excellent oxidation, advanced anti-foam system and high performance protection adds up to a winning result.

Renegade Racing Lubricants provide:

  • Excellent oxidation and shear stability characteristics
  • Outstanding anti-foam system
  • “Balanced ZDDP” additive for strong anti-wear protection
  • Exceptional high temperature protection from thermal breakdown

Available in Mineral Based or Synthetic Blend Formulations

Viscosities available: 5w20, 10w30, 10w40, 15w40, 20w50, SAE 50, SAE 70, SAE 30 – Break In,

“Note – not suitable for engines with catalytic converters”.


Premium Upper Lube

This high performance racing “methanol/nitro” LUBE is uniquely formulated using an Ashless Formula to greatly decrease deposits.

Renegade Upper/Top Lube Provides:

Top End Lube

  • Exceptional Lubrication
  • Lubricates cylinder walls during combustion
  • Ashless formula-leaves no deposits, burns clean
  • Improves horsepower, and torque
  • Highly concentrated
  • Eliminates fuel was-down

Break-In Oil 30w

  • High viscosity conventional base oils have inherently good lubricity. This can help protect engines against wear during initial start ups
  • SJ additives have more anti-wear and detergents molecules than more modern API SM additives. This SJ technology with the additional boosts of ZDDP provides excellent wear protection under extreme racing conditions, and promotes cleanliness when using fuels that can cause additional contamination.
  • Being a surface active molecule, our amount of ZDDP can act as a friction modifier reducing friction when compared to standard motor oils


No more stinky fuel odors! Formulated for High Performance Fuels Applications, our fuel scents are available in a variety of popular flavors. In additional to a great smell, they feature a Synthetic Ashless formulation designed to prevent gum build up.

RATMAN Track Tac Concentrate

Track Tac is a premium, concentrated traction compound at a premix price that not only creates a groove, it creates good traction. These characteristics are directly related to certain properties:The first is adhesion, “how sticky it is”.The second is cohesion, or the ability to resist sheer. The tire has to have a proper surface to grab onto, so “stickiness” alone is not sufficient.The Renegade Track Tac’s unique formulation grabs the minute particles of rubber and melds them or helps them adhere to the track surface, softens the rubber and holds it to the track. In order to optimize traction, it’s not solely the stickiness that provides the traction but the ability to allow the rubber from the tires to blend with the track, creating a “groove”.


Pail Extender

The latest newest item from Renegade is the Renegade Pail extender which makes for easier and smooth pouring.” Call your local distributor

Motorsport Jug

Renegade’s motorsports jugs are 100% American made and are thicker than standard jugs to ensure years of service.  The jug caps have a built in extension for the hose extender included with each jug.  These jugs have been gallon calibrated to help you get an accurate pour everytime!

The Motorsport Jugs and Hose are sold separately

Note: Thee Motorsport containers are intended for racers use in off road setting only.  They are not intended to store or transport fuels and is not intended to be a portable fuel container as described by ASTM, California ARB, US EPA, or any other state or federal regulations on fuel storage/transportation.