Premium Racing Oils


Premium Racing Oils

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Renegade Racing Lubricants are specifically designed to lubricate competition engines that use alcohol or high octane fuels.  Renegade Racing Lubricants Pro Series® SAE Oils are formulated with ZDDP additive, a tough detergent-dispersant package and naturally high viscosity index base oils.  Its excellent oxidation, advanced anti-foam system and high performance protection adds up to a winning result.

Renegade Racing Lubricants provide:

  • Excellent oxidation and shear stability characteristics
  • Outstanding anti-foam system
  • “Balanced ZDDP” additive for strong anti-wear protection
  • Exceptional high temperature protection from thermal breakdown

Available in Mineral Based or Synthetic Blend Formulations

Viscosities available: 5w20, 10w30, 10w40, 15w40, 20w50, SAE 50, SAE 70, SAE 30 – Break In,

“Note – not suitable for engines with catalytic converters”.