HR 104XP+

  • Description


The newest addition to the Renegade Race Fuels unleaded line up. For those racers who need a high octane, oxygenated, unleaded race fuel, HR 104XP+ is the answer. HR 104XP+ is formulated to increase throttle response and overall power and runs cooler than premium pump gas due to its oxygenated formulation. Whether you are normally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged, HR 104XP+ will give you the octane you need to make the power you want.


Typical Properties

Octane – R+M/2 104
Motor Octane 99
Research Octane 109
Specific Gravity 0.752
RVP 5.95
Oxygenated 4.80%
Unleaded yes
Stoich Ratio 13.87 : 1
Color Light Blue