About You

You work your tail off every week, you put your heart and soul into your ride and you want World Class Products engineered and created by racers just like you. You’re tired of over-priced fuel and marketing hype that makes it confusing when having to choose from so many grades of fuel that add up to almost a Ben Franklin.

It becomes ever frustrating when corporate fuel mandates force you to have to buy a certain product and force you to run a decal instead of it being your free will and choice. When you are forced to run an over-priced fuel, told you have to run a decal, and then the product doesn’t burn cool or have a complete burn, you are not having the ultimate customer experience.

The Power of your Renegade offers the best products in the World at a fair price. Your Renegade provides hard core tech advice, not just marketing hype and we give you great value so that you can spend your hard earned money where you want to.

Our Race Executive Team, including our founder, can come do engine rebuilds with you and we know how to turn wrenches. You have access to World Class Performance Fuels, Lubricants, Additives and Car Care Items to slay all the villains and get you to the winners circle. It’s just that easy!