Elite Fuel Series

The most innovative oxygenated race fuels offered today.  The RATMAN Elite Series fuels turn impossibilities into possibilities, while maximizing your engines performance envelope! Extremely stable under a variety of weather, track and race conditions, RATMAN Elite Series Fuels makes heads turn.  (Note: use of Elite Series Fuels may require an increase in fuel volume.  Consult with a Renegade representative for assistance.)

RenegadePail   RenegadePail   RenegadePail
 RM 98 (unleaded)   RM 109 (unleaded)
  RM Crate Elite
A true 98 octane unleaded, slightly oxygenated fuel that gives you excellent results when an increase in performance is desired.  RATMAN 98 is a versatile performance fuel excellent for a variety of racing applications and ideal for exotics and track-day cars.   RATMAN 109 is an oxygen rich, high octane unleaded fuel designed specifically for today’s high revving engines that need to run a true unleaded fuel.  It is devoid of compounds that are known to be harmful to catalytic converters tor oxygen sensors.  RATMAN 109 is a high-density blend that enhances performance in forced induction (turbo or blown).   The ultimate in crate motor race fuels for limited late model racing when comprise is not an option. RATMAN Crate Elite delivers the most power you can get from a fuel that releases maximum quantum power during combustion. If you’ve got high compression upwards of 13:1, this fuel will help you go to the front without the harmful detonation.  (Note: may require an increase in fuel volume)
Octane – R+M/2 98
Motor Octane 97
Research Octane 99
Specific Gravity 0.716
Oxygenated 2%
Color Clear
Octane – R+M/2 109
Specific Gravity 0.760
Oxygenated 5.5%
Color Blue
Octane – R+M/2 114
Motor Octane 108
Research Octane 119
Specific Gravity 0.721
RVP 8.3
Leaded Oxygen 5%
Color Light Purple
RenegadePail   RenegadePail   RenegadePail
RM Late Model Elite    RM K-13    RM K-16
 This High Powered Late Model fuel is designed with the attitude of “run what you brung and hope you brung enough!”  RATMAN Late Model Elite meets the demands of high compression engines with a unique distillation curve to insure maximum results and burn rate.  This special oxygenated blend protects 15.5:1 compression configurations.  (Note: May require an increase in fuel volume.)   RATMAN K-13 is a fuel that utilizes OMW technology and surpasses all 108-109 motor octane fuels by including added protection for race engines with 14.5:1 compression. This proprietary formulation creates a spiraling effect during combustion for maximum release of the fuel’s energy, resulting in increased performance and consistence. (Note: May require an increase in fuel volume.)   This RATMAN K-16 formulation is for racers that want the serious edge for their high compression race engines.  This fuel not only offers a power and torque advantage, but it can also increase consistency during differing weather conditions.  RM K-16, “for those who are absolutely serious about their racing.” Provides protection for compression rations up to 15.5:1.  (Note: May require an increase in fuel volume.)
Octane – R+M/2 116
Motor Octane 113
Research Octane 119
Specific Gravity 0.715
RVP 8.3
Leaded Oxygen 3%
Color Crimson
Octane – R+M/2 113
Motor Octane 110
Research Octane 116
Specific Gravity 0.710
RVP 6.25
Leaded Oxygen 3%
Color Turquoise
Octane – R+M/2 118
Motor Octane 116
Research Octane 120
Specific Gravity 0.712
RVP 6.5
Leaded Oxygen 5%
Color Yellow