Car Care Products


Spray it on, Wipe it Off. Yes, It’s that Easy. Great for your racecar and for your hauler. RATMAN RATWAX safely removes dirt, grime, dust, smudges and fingerprints in between washings and produces a deep finish glaze. Leaves no white residue on plastic or trim. Safe for Wraps. Makes paint come alive and gives a deep wet look. Protection lasts for weeks. Wax the entire car in minutes, it’s that easy.16.5 oz Spray Bottle.

RATMAN HP Engine Treatment

RATMAN HP Engine Treatment improves most all-fundamental operating efficiencies of an internal combustion engine. Dyno tested and proven to increase horsepower and torque, on average 1 to 2 points. The RATMAN HP physically impregnates and becomes a part of the metal, without affecting clearances, in the engine to reduce heat, friction and wear.


If your track/series allows tire prepping, the RATMAN family of products are an excellent choice. Unlike the toxic tire prep treatments on the market, RATSTRIP products are environmentally safe, non-toxic, with virtually no odor. RATSTRIP removes the mold release from new tires, cleans foreign material off used tires and opens the pores of the tire to better accept tire prep.


If your track/series allows tire prepping, THE BOSS is an excellent choice. Unlike the toxic treatments on the market, THE BOSS, along with its family of complimentary products, is designed to be environmentally safe, non-toxic, with virtually no odor. THE BOSS is primarily used as an outside prep and is heavily concentrated, though it can also be used as an inside prep if it is rolled or painted on with brush. THE BOSS works as a super concentrated elastomer. It restores, adds new life, and gives excellent bite and grip. It also allows your tires to last longer and work better. It is not a tire softener and does not degrade the rubber as other treatments do. On average, THE BOSS alters Durometer ratings 2-4 points. This is only an average, as every tire is different and every compound is different.


THE HOSS is specifically designed to flash and penetrate quickly allowing for treatment the day before the race. Hoss also works well on Go-Kart tires as well as rolls easily on the inside of the large tires allowing the sidewall to flex and perform better.

RATMAN RATSHIELD – Vinyl/Plastic Surface Restorer

RATSHIELD is specially formulated to restore and protect all of your plastic and vinyl surfaces inside and outside of your vehicle.  It’s great for under hood components, fender flares, moldings, ATV and Off Road Plastics as well as those delicate interior trim pieces.  With its pleasant watermelon fragrance and proprietary silicon based formula, it leaves surfaces looking brand new and ready for show. 

RATMAN RATCLEAN – High Performance detail when detail matters!


RATMAN RATALLURE Leather Cleaner and Conditioner with Mink Oil

RATALLURE is not your typical leather cleaning product.  It is specifically design to not only clean and renew, but to reduce soiling of your leather interior components.  RATALLURE is silicon free and safe on all non-suede leather surfaces.  It will clean and condition the leather giving it that original new leather look and smell.   

RATMAN RATALLURE- High Performance detail when detail matters!


RATMAN RATGLASS Professional Glass Cleaner

RATGLASS Professional Glass cleaner is a premium product designed for the discriminating auto enthusiast.  Foam it on, Wipe it dry.  It is a non-ammoniated formula that leaves all your glass clean, streak free and fresh smelling.   RATGLASS is the choice of detailing professionals everywhere. 

RATMAN RATGLASS – High Performance detail when detail matters!


RATMAN RATCLEAN – Dry Foam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

RATCLEAN uses its proprietary cleaning formula to safely lift out dirt and remove stains without damaging your carpet, cloth, velour or other similar materials.  RATCLEAN’s thick and foamy formula is fast and easy to use and does not soak into the fabric, leaving your carpet and upholstery clean and dry.  If you want professional results, you have to use professional products. 

RATMAN RATCLEAN – High Performance detail when detail matters!

RATMAN RATFOAM – Heavy Duty Foaming Cleaner/Degreaser

RATFOAM is a professional grade all purpose cleaner degreaser designed for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike.  It’s Fast Acting Clinging foam Lifts Away Dirt & Grime easily from all washable surfaces, keeping them like new.  From black streaks on your trailer to tire rubs on your wrap, simply spray on and then wipe or rinse off, it’s just that easy. 

RATMAN RATFOAM – High Performance detail when detail matters!


The #1 choice of hardcore performance enthusiasts.  RATMAN RATSHINE is a premium tire shine product that keeps your tires looking like new.  RATSHINE’s one step process coats the tire, quickly penetrates, lifts and releases dirt and road grime leaving behind a rich, dark shine while protecting your tires from harmful UV rays.  RATSHINE has a narrow foam spray design making it perfect for low profile tires as well.  Simply spray it on and walk away!

RATMAN RATSHINE – High Performance detail when detail matters!