The Renegade Program got its start way back in 1975 when the founder, Toby Baptiste was running his father’s dragster down the drag strip starting at the age of 15.  After experiencing fuel system problems that were caused by poor quality fuel and not getting any support from the fuel manufacturer to make it right, Toby set out to find a better way.  So at the age of 18, Toby started a small fuel business out of his father Ronnie’s one car garage and named it after his father’s racing team, Renegade Racing. 

The company was small and there was a lot to be learned, but Toby never gave up and continued to build his name in the race fuel business.  Then, in 1998, Toby was provided the opportunity to take on a distributorship with an already well established race fuel company.  In just a few short years, Toby’s Renegade Racing Fuels distributorship had become one of the largest distributors of race fuel in that part of the country.  It was at this point that Toby decided it was time to start blending and distributing his own Race Fuel Products.  So in 2004 Toby partnered with Valor Oil Company and established what we know today as the Renegade Racing Fuels and Lubricants Division of Valor, LLC. 

Using the experience gained throughout those early years and with the resources of Valor Oil, LLC, Renegade Racing Fuels and Lubricants has Tobybecome a major player in the Race and Performance Fuel market.  With nationwide distribution and a growing global presence through distributors in many countries around the world Renegade is quickly becoming a household name with racers.